I like the quote and agree we are more aligned than not.

My problem with your response is parsing it finely to justify the assertion that SSI has static, noun-like identities instead of merely looking at the architecture and judging it. It’s like sitting around for years trying to determine from first principles how many teeth a horse has instead of just going out to the pasture and counting.

In fact, I think SSI is extremely dynamic and flexible. Indeed, after reading your posts on generative identity, I’m wondering what you’re going to change in the architecture to come up with something more generative than the SSI architecture I’m familiar with.

So, I await the design. Until then, it’s just words without substance to talk of dystopia and generativity because there’s nothing to support the argument.

In the end, we’re talking about how to support life-like relationships and interactions in the digital realm. That requires principles, architecture, and ultimately code.



I build things; I write code; I void warranties

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