• Rob Manders

    Rob Manders

    enthousiastic golfer, avid reader, sportsfan, IT professional and CIO in Financial Services industry. Opinions made here are my own.

  • Nicolaas Vercuiel

    Nicolaas Vercuiel

    Full Stack Dev, Techie, mountain biker, amateur boxer, rock climber.

  • Jon Lebkowsky

    Jon Lebkowsky

    My buzzwords: future & digital culture, sensemaking, narrative warfare, Zen, cyborg, convergent media…

  • Don Marti

    Don Marti

    Don Marti works on open innovation at Mozilla. He used to be editor of Linux Journal, and also contributes to the Aloodo project.

  • Vince Veselosky

    Vince Veselosky

    Web application architect at Cox Media Group. Mission: Transform the media industry.

  • Mark Szpakowski

    Mark Szpakowski

    Noosphere geek, sentient dad, earth cadet, call-by-future

  • Will Archer

    Will Archer

    I cofounded an app company. I make a lot of software, and here is where I talk about making software.

  • Jesse Harding

    Jesse Harding

    12 years early stage startup experience. Currently Director of Product at Weave. I like creating things that make people happy.

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